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The images and other content available from this web site are protected by both United States and International Copyright Law. It is illegal to use any of the images for anything other than their original purpose, ie. desktop/mobile wallpaper for personal computers and mobile devices.

Distribution of the images from anywhere other than this site (VisionsBeyond.co) is a direct violation of the aforementioned copyright laws and any such activity will be actively pursued.

All content in the form of images on this site is the intellectual property of Visions Beyond; however, when you visit my site, you are granted a personal license to download the images and use them for their original explicit purpose.

Any other content provided on this site must be used solely for your own personal use and must not be sold or redistributed in any way, form or fashion.

There are currently no exceptions to the above statement and should this policy change at some point in the future, the amended statement will be displayed here.

Last updated: September 19th, 2017