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Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - outpost

This image is just an extension (and a variation) on my Planet Arcadia image. Unlike Planet Arcadia (where water is plentiful) this image depicts a mainly desert type planet - where water can only be found in rivers and lakes.
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Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - nova
Have you ever witnessed a supernova up close. If you say that you have, well you're a liar - because you would not be alive to talk about it. This is the second in my series of NOVA related space images.
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Low Orbit

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - low-orbit

Here's another one of my planetscape images. The ship orbiting the planet is a combination of 3D and 2D elements.
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Forest World

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - forest-world-final

This render took a while to finish, due to the density of the forest. The end result came out well though. I have a video that shows the steps involved in creating this image. Click on the Videos link to watch my concept art videos.
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Forest of Another World

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - forest-of-another-world

This is one example of my Photoshop composite images - using multiple images (and a ton of masking) to get a unique end result. I also included my planet from my Photoshop planets template. I really like how the waterfall blends into the rest of the image 🙂
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End Of Days

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - end-of-days

This image was inspired by the movie "KNOWING" starring Nicholas Cage. If you've watched this movie (and I highly recommend that you do) then you'll know what this scene represents.
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Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - departure-final-render

The advanced alien species (represented by those glowing orbs) have collected all of their samples. They are now preparing to depart - to terraform and colonize another planet - just like they did to Earth.

I've made a video showing how I created this image. Click on the Videos link to check it out.
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