HD Wallpapers

Choose Your World

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - choose-your-world

Just a compilation of some of my space-related images cropped together to make this mosaic wallpaper. Choose the world that you would like to enter.
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Binary Star System

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - binary-star-system

For this image, the mist was actually a pain in the butt to render. I really wanted to add more to this image - but I had to stop, for fear of frying my system. One day, I'll come back to this image for round 2 - count on it.
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At World’s End

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - At-Worlds-End

This is part 1 of my planetary destruction series, At World's End. Part 1 combines Photoshop techniques and brushes, along with 3D elements. Check out the Videos section to see how this image was made.
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Asteroid Mining

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - Asteroid Mining

This is my second foray into building asteroids directly in 3D renders. For this image, I wanted to add an industrial feel to it. I added some mining platforms along with a transport ship in the background. Check out the Videos section to see how I created this image.
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