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Tutorials and Courses:

What tutorials do you offer on this website?

  • Our tutorials will specifically focus on the most popular software programs within the graphic design and motion graphics industry.

How are the tutorials structured?

  • The tutorials are grouped into modules for easier reference; however, each tutorial video is capable of standing on its own.

Are all of the tutorials offered for free?

  • For the time being, all tutorials are currently offered for free. Later on, we will offer some specific Premium tutorials for sale.
  • For access to tutorial exercise files, you will need to be a Premium member.

Why is Premium Membership so surprisingly affordable?

  • We are still in the Beta stage of this project - adding more tutorials every week and building our user base. Once the Beta stage is complete, we will then raise our monthly membership accordingly.
  • However, if you become a Premium member during our Beta stage, your Membership fee will remain the same - in other words, NOW is the best time to join.
  • If you’re not a member already, click here to get started.

HD Wallpapers and Artwork Videos:

How long does it take for artwork to be created?

  • A new artwork piece is uploaded once per week.

Can I use the artwork on more than one device?

  • Yes, you can - as long as it’s your personal device.

Do all of the images contain a watermark?

  • Yes, they do. For copyright purposes, this is done to show that Visions Beyond is the original creator of these images.

Is there a mobile app for this website?

  • Yes, a mobile app is provided for this website (Android Only). Once you sign up, you'll receive an email with a link to the Visions Beyond mobile app.

Why do I have to become a “Member” in order to download artwork?

  • Content on this website is updated on a regular basis. Becoming a member is the only guaranteed way to inform you about the latest updates. Becoming a member takes less than a minute. If you’re not a member already, click here to get started.

Can I use your images on my website, project, video, etc?

  • No, you cannot. As stated on the Terms page: It is illegal to use any of the images for anything other than their original purpose, ie. desktop/mobile wallpaper for personal computers and mobile devices.


Can I quickly download everything from this website?

  • For safety, bandwidth and general security reasons, we do have a limit on the amount of items that users can download every 24 hours. FREE MEMBERS can download up to 10 items every 24 hours. PREMIUM MEMBERS can download up to 20 items every 24 hours.
  • As stated in our Terms of Service, the use of Bots and other types of software to bypass our limits and compromise our security, is a direct violation of our Terms of Service. Your account will be instantly banned if you engage in such activities.

Is data transmitted securely on your website?

  • Yes, we run our website via SSL. You should see a padlock in front of our website address in your Browser’s address bar. If at any point in time you are not seeing the padlock, simply refresh the page.
  • Payment transactions are done via PayPal (not by us). This provides a high level of security regarding your credit card information.

Are there commercial pop-up/pop-under ads on this website?

  • We never use commercial pop-up or pop-under ads. We are however a member of the Google AdSense advertising program.
  • Google AdSense ads are non-intrusive and never get in the way of the content that you want to watch.
  • For the time being, we are using Google AdSense ads to offset the costs of managing this website. When our Premium Membership User Base is large enough to offset this cost, we will no longer have a need to use Google AdSense ads.

Will you spam me once I become a member?

  • Absolutely not. As stated in the Privacy Policy, We do not sell or provide user information to third parties. We do send an email to our Members when we have posted a new project or video and/or very important website news.

What about your Terms of Service and your Refund Policy?

  • Yes we do have a Terms of Service and by using this website, you agree to abide by our Terms of Service.
  • Unlike many other websites, we've made the extra effort to ensure that our Terms of Service page is easy to read. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read and  understand our Terms of Service before you sign up.
  • Our Refund Policy is also included within our Terms of Service. Please make sure to also read and understand our Refund Policy before you sign up.