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Mobile Wallpaper

HD Wallpaper – Uncharted Island

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - unchartered-island
This image is a composition of 3D and 2D elements. 3D rendering was done for the creation of the overall environment and islands. The finished render was then carried over into Photoshop for the "planet" composition.
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HD Wallpaper – Prepare For Jump

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - prepare-for-jump

This image is one of my personal favorites. It is heavily inspired by one of my favorite real-time-strategy sci-fi games on the PC, Homeworld. It is such an EPIC game.

Check out the Videos section to see how I created this awesome image.

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HD Wallpaper – Planet Arcadia

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - planet-arcadia

Here's another one of my favorite images. One of the most important aspects of 3D rendering is getting the right lighting/atmosphere for your scene. A great 3D model can be completely ruined by bad lighting.

This is another one of my Egypt/Alien World images. I really like how the end result came out mainly due to how I tweaked the atmospheric effects.
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HD Wallpaper – Outpost

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - outpost

This image is just an extension (and a variation) on my Planet Arcadia image. Unlike Planet Arcadia (where water is plentiful) this image depicts a mainly desert type planet - where water can only be found in rivers and lakes.
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HD Wallpaper – Nova

Desktop Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper - nova
Have you ever witnessed a supernova up close. If you say that you have, well you're a liar - because you would not be alive to talk about it. This is the second in my series of NOVA related space images.
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